05 May 2010

Unhappy, Emotional.. BLAH!!

I have a great job a loving boyfriend and a place to live in San Francisco..... so why am I so unhappy, unmotivated and just feeling like all happiness has left my body??

Call me a skeptic but every time I get online (which is almost 18+ hours a day because of my job) I don't see happy people or inspirational things. Most people seem to be truly unhappy right now. If and when I finally do find something that I want to do there are a million hurtles to jump over in order to get there.


I want to make bracelets for all of the amazing women in my life for mothers day. In order to do so I needed to go to a craft store to pick up supplies. I didn't get off of work until 6. Which ment that all fabric/craft stores in San Francisco were closed, or would be by the time that I got there. Where is the next closest one? A 30 minute bart ride followed by an 40 minute walk... one way. OR I could rent a zipcar for $12 a hour, approx. $24+ by the end of it all, pay for the supplies and head back, saves time but ends up costing me over $50 which is just not money that I can spare right now.

Let's say I go with the bart idea. About 1.25 hours to get there, 30 minutes to pick out jewelry, then 1.25 hours back home.. by which time I am tooo tired to do anything.


I need help.

Can anyone say instant gratification?

Tips? Comments? Words of encouragement?

On the bright side Carlos is cooking me dinner, I'm blogging and watching ZombieLand..

God I have so much to blog about it's retarded.


  1. Hope you were able to get those presents! How was Zombieland? lol

  2. Buy craft supplies online! Watch more movies like Zombieland! Oh man Bill Murray...

  3. I just love Ebay for buying things.
    Often here, where I live, purchases are delivered within a couple of days, perhaps 3.

    It's way too easy to buy things on Ebay using a PayPal account..just a few mouse clicks.. select a 'buy-it-now' item, buy it, pay for it, select the shipping address and all in under a minute. Scary..
    Then shipped to you in 2 days.

    Instant gratification!

  4. Don't know why I never thought about you blogging (I live under a rock!). I am so glad I only visited San Fran while living in the bay area. I could never handle this kind of situation. I would take the ferry instead of the bart, lol. I am so suburb not city. I sure miss the bay area. Cute watches btw.

  5. @ Tess, the presents were done on time and they LOVED them. YAYA.. Zombie land was super funny.. oh my goodness.. I might have to buy it!!

    @mnmspecial, most people never think about me blogging, funny enough. Most of my family still doesn't know. I love to write though,. which is probably part of the reason as to why I love TwitterMoms so much.


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