08 November 2010

Horoscope Compatibility?

Newly single and dating again.. I find myself looking to the stars for answers.

I have been reading my horoscope lately and I have found it to be right on point. My only real questions has to deal with compatibility charts.

Do they work and can they be used as insight to a relationship?

Here is the work up for a Gemini Woman and an Aquarious Man (ex. me and my ex Carlos):

Love Match: Gemini Woman Dating Aquarius Man

Intellectual sparks fly with this love match! The mental attraction is obvious from the first date. The Gemini woman will go weak in the knees over her Aquarius mans visionary and progressive ideas. The Aquarius man will adore his Gemini woman’s twinkle and youthful exuberance in learning something new every day.
Sexually, the Aquarius man gets the meaning of what his Gemini woman’s indecisiveness. She’s not sure what she wants or how she wants it so he just gives her his own unique love formula – and it works!
They’ll delight as they talk in detail about what they’re experiencing during sex and this couple will certainly be the great inventors in the bedroom!

 All of this is true....

Now when I actually read in-depth analysis between Gemini and Aquarius, I find that the write up still rings true to our relationship. I almost feel that having read all of these posts before getting into a relationship, or maybe just checking in, could have lead to one of two things.

1.) our relationship would have been stronger and we could have worked through the kinks before we got to them

2.) I would have seen what was coming before it hit and broke my heart.

Have you ever felt this way before? Have you have relied on the stars to tell you what is right and wrong for your sign?

As I step into the dating world I find myself turning to the start for guidance. After I meet someone I read all about their sign and compatibility to my crazy Gemini ways.

I do not use this information to judge them, but I do try to use it as a way to get to know the person or as a way to better understand them.

Does that seem weird?

I am curious to know what you think.

03 November 2010

turtle meet your shell

I've been trying to convince myself to start blogging again for the past couple of months.

I'm not sure what exactly made me stop, but it's been so hard to start up again.

I feel like writing is such a necessary part of my life; an escape for my mind to wonder on. Lately I have been so "in my head" if you will. So many thoughts, questions, feelings and such.

Why is it so hard for me to express what I am trying to feel?

As a note to others:

If you are trying to date me, don't.

This whole fresh out of a relationship thing is taking a weird toll on me and my life. I thought that since the breakup was my idea that things would be ok, that I had disconnected myself enough to realize that I was better off without. However the result has been that I really just miss being in a relationship, being in love, having butterflies from kissing that one person who I love more than anything.

I crave security, love, attention and passion.

It just doesn't be something that I can actually have right now.

To those who read this thinking, "I could provide her with that.." Maybe you can, maybe you can't, but i don't want to end up hurting your feelings in the end because I don't come around. Or worse (for me) getting attached to you, only to find out that you deem it not worth the work that goes into loving me.

*le sigh*

I really hope i come out of this funk soon.

I just want to have fun, be happy, have awesome experiences and memories that i can take with me through the rest of my life.

Is that too much to ask for?