About Me

Ashton Miyako is an independent designer based out of San Fransisco, Ca.  

Her fresh and fearless take on fashion inspires cuts and colors that radiate courage, fun, and individuality.  

Though she has only been professionally designing for a little over a year, Ashton has had her fingers in art and fashion from an early age.  From making re-born wardrobes for Barbies out of scrap clothing as a child to taking lead on hair and make-up styling in independent films in school, Ashton Miyako has always sought a new avenue in which to share her unique blend of aesthetic genius and functionality.  

As her confidence and opportunities have grown, she has taken on as many roles in the world of beauty as possible.  

Currently she employs herself full-time not only in designing and making clothing and accessories, but also as a model, hair stylist, make-up artist, photographer, fashion promoter, show coordinator/hostess, painter, and most recently as a runway competition participant.  

Incredibly wearable and brimming with sophisticated personality, Ashton Miyako's styles promote the same enthusiastic philosophy she enjoys embodying everyday:
You are a Hero. Go take on the world!