15 August 2010

Blast from the past

Recently I was asked by a good friend of mine, "Ashton, on a scale of one to ten how does your present relationship rank among your others" and while I cannot tell you completely how I answered that question, it did spark some thought that I would like to share.

How do you measure your level of love for someone?? As a matter of fact, if you CAN measure your level of love, what do you base it off of?

I sat pondering the question for a few moments, running through my past relationships before finally giving an answer. I went through the loves, the loss, the happy and the sad. It was a such a head rush going down memory lane like that.  Lost in my whirlwind of thoughts I came to the conclusion that as I move forward in my life, my love for the person I am with grows stronger. I love myself a little more each day, I love the person that I am with a little more each day and ultimately I love life a little more each day. The time that I have spend with my current love and past loves has always been the same.  Now the things that we have done and the experiences we have had will always be different, but the feeling of love, that remains the same for me.

I may love deeper and stronger, but I do not love any one person more than the next. I still love ALL (except 2) of my ex's and I hope to have them apart of my life for well... ever.

Now many of you might think, "Uh, I would never talk to my ex again" and while that is true for two of my ex's, I feel like every single one was brought into my life to teach me something and I did love each and every one of them with all of my heart (p.s. I have called less than 10 people my "boyfriend" in my whole life).

I also took in experiences, happiness and drama.. however I still can't put a level on how happy I was with someone. The drama is usually near the breakup, so it always seems crazy. The experiences are all so different and fun, it's impossible for me to truly say who I had more fun with.

I'm not sure, how would you answer this question?