01 December 2009

Freedom Ball - NoH8 - Adult Prom

Yesterday I bought 10 t-shirts to start making my adult prom dresses for the fashion show going on at Freedom Ball on Dec. 12th at Trigger.

This is my very first fashion show showcasing my designs. I'm nervous and hoping that everything goes well.

I've enlisted the help of a fellow designer, Charlie, of Invisible Hero Industries. She will be making 5 of the 10 dresses and showing her clothing with mine.

I have also asked the help of my new friend David to do hair for this show. It should be amazing.

I will post links to their sites later tonight. I'm on my phone right now and can't copy and paste links while on bart.....waaaayyyy too difficult. I will post the flyer later as well.

Please let me know if you would like to attend.

ALSO: for those of you who have extra tshirts laying around and you are too lazy to drive them down to Goodwill....guess what? It's your lucky day. I want them!! I want to use them for this project. so call me up and we'll arrang drop off times. thanks!

Ashtoh Miyako

only in san francisco

do you find someone smoking, talking on their cell phone while riding a bike. we are the ultimate example of crazy multi tasking...

then again i can't complain. i am blogging on my phone, eating snackpak pudding with a spoon i stole from work while walking to my boy friends house which is a mile away...oh jeez

25 November 2009

Art Undressed Event.. yay


20 October 2009

Website Debut...

Alright so I'm still working out all of the kinks.. but here.. for your viewing pleasure..


Enjoy loves.

29 September 2009

Stressing.. but it's a good stress, I think.

Today is Fashion Feud and I only have a few things to say:

This morning I woke up and put my underwear on inside out. It is now 1:08p.m. and the first real moment I've had a chance to pee, which is when I discovered the proof that I was rushing this morning.

My head is pounding from lack of water, food and sleep... the basic needs that keep me alive.

Tonight I am due to be on stage for a design competition against a friend of mine, Alex Von Bromssen. Although I am super excited to participate in this event, I find it hard to believe that I will be going again the woman who was named, '2009's Best Fashion Designer" (Oh and by the way I modeled for her in that show) I have been designing for a little over a year now, I've done 2 photo sessions, have had zero runway shows with my designs and have had only a handful of people actually see my work. Yet here I am, 5 hours away from setting up my stuff on stage to go head to head on designing a garment on stage in less than an hour.

I have no doubt that Alex will win but it would be so amazing for ME to win. To actually have the underdog get what they want in the real life. This isn't Hollywood where when you fall from a cliff to sudden death you gently land on a foam pad. No.. noo.. kids that's not my reality here. If I break down and cry on stage, oh that will make it into the newspaper and I will be laughed off stage, so let's pretend like I have emotions of steel and I'm not going to let anything break me down.

*sigh* I know that in the end I am doing this for myself and for no one else. It doesn't really matter if I win or lose, just that I took the first step in fulfilling my dream of becoming a fashion designer. I would like to think that my parents, sisters, extended family (i.e. friends), boyfriend and his family believe in me and are proud of me for taking this giant leap of faith.

Either/or, wish me luck and cross you toes, I know that I need it!!

-Ashton Miyako

p.s.... I'm not going to school for this anymore. There has to be a way to make it on my own. I can take lesson from my friends. I don't need to pay 137,000 to go to a Fashion Design school.... boo..

25 September 2009

P.S. I found this yesterday.. and it's f-ing hilarious

Learn a little about Happy Slip:

Straight to the videos:

I love this girl. I wish my blogs could be this funny in writing.

Fashion Feud... a storm is coming

Now that this blog is plastered on to a website as a direct link to ME and my fashions.. I am realizing I don't have much about my fashions here, because this blog wasn't suppose to be about fashion. But now it is. WOO

So here we go:

Hello World!!

My name is Ashton Miyako. I'm an independent designer residing in Pacifica but I spend most of my time in San Francisco. I am a woman of many talents and I enjoy spending my time doing whatever I feel like. I don't enjoy scheduling every moment of my life and I like to mismatch my socks. I use mostly recycled goods, because I believe everything and everyone deserves a second, better chance at life.

I am a designer, model, makeup artist, hair stylist, photographer, friend, lover and crazy woman with too many ideas for her own good.

Fashion Feud will be my first fashion event showcasing my designs and the first time I've been asked to make a garment in an hour, on stage, in front of a live audience. Needless to say I'm a little bit on edge but I feel like I can handle it.

I welcome all comments, suggestions, questions, hate mail, fan mail, emails, texts, phone calls, money, paypal, checks, gift cards, coffee, clothing.. and anything else you decide to give me, hugs included.

I hope that everyone can make it out to Fashion Feud on September 29, 2009 at Mighty, 119 Utah Street, SF, CA at 7p!! I would truly love to meet the people who have just took a giant dive into my personal life of fashion, love and the crazy other things that happen to me in life.

OH.. and here's my contact info so that you may send me or give me any of the above items listed:

Ashton Miyako
Design: www.modelmayhem.com/goldfishstyles
Model: www.modelmayhem.com/ashtonmiyako
Yup.. Stalk ya later..

16 September 2009

Lessons in Love.

His Horoscope: Today's Horoscope: September 16, 2009
This would be a good day to stay home and putter about the house, dear Aquarius. It is not a good day to travel or to begin any major projects. This could be just the excuse you have needed for taking a day off from your life! You need not answer the phone or fulfill any obligations whatsoever. Simply stay put, and tackle some minor household chores. If even that is too much, then curl up with a latte and a good book.

Mine: Today's Horoscope: September 16, 2009
Love is very much in the air today, dear Gemini, so be sure to take advantage of this auspicious environment! Invite your loved one over for an afternoon of play. You could play hide-and-seek under the bedcovers! If you do not have a playmate in your life at the moment, find other ways to fulfill the passion you are feeling. Spend the afternoon reading a trashy novel, or invite a friend over to watch a movie with your favorite hot celebrity. Take a break, and clear your system.


I realize that the statement, "You never know what you have until it's gone" is very much so true. I almost lost the love of my life last night and I hope to never get that close to that reality again.

I think that sometimes you get so comfortable in a relationship that you forget about the others persons feelings. You forget that they too are stressed out from work and family, you forget that they too have a life outside of you. Everything seems clouded when your in the beginning of a new relationship. You move to fast and spend way too much time together. However, I feel very blessed to get a second chance at this relationship.

I love my boyfriend with all of my heart and soul. I disregarded his needs because I felt he was being selfish. Instead of trying to work things out I complained about the things that he was doing or not doing and blamed him for everything. Though I still feel that we have a LOT of learning and growing left to do, I know we are in a better space.

I think that the secret to having a successful relationship is 5 things:

1. To always want to get dressed up for your significant other and to look good for them - I feel like too often relationships fail because one or both people are no longer attracted to each other. The mother/wife stops trying to look nice because she is always taking care of the kids and the girlfriend is so used to her boyfriend seeing her when she wakes up that she'd rather be comfy in front of him then dressed up. Bottom line, if your partner no longer finds you attractive, you wont have sex AND you will lose out on that excitement.

2. With that said, take time for yourself
- I have learned this the hard way. How can you love someone else if you can't love yourself. If your feeling fat, or ugly or unhealthy or whatever.. do not put that on your partner. Do not complain about those things unless your willing to make the change. If you feel good about YOUR body and your self.. they will feel great about your body as well. Think of the reasons they were attracted to you in the first place and stick with them.. keep it up. Not only looks but also your TIME. Take time away from your partner to do your own thing. Sounds funny but after you've spent a night out with your friends and heard about what's going on it their lives, you'll look forward to going back to yours. If you like to be social, go be social. If you're partner is NOT a social butterfly, then tell them you have made plans for such and such night and that you'll call them tomorrow. It sounds like your trying to take a step back.. but wondering where you are is going to want to make them want you more as well.

3. Don't cater to their every need -
I am truly bad about this one. I put my man before anything and everyone else in my life. If he's happy, I think that I am happy... *ding ding ding* wrong answer.. he can wash his own laundry while I go out with my friends or he can clean his apartment while I work on a sewing project. There is not need for me to clean his apartment when he can do it himself just fine. And at the end of the day, he'll be glad he did and I'll be glad that I am not scrubbing his floors.

4. Listen and be compassionate to their needs -
I have a co-worker right now who should take this advice. If you say you love someone, then you need to be able to let them go. If they come back you you... you know it's right and if they don't.. screw them you're better off without. If someone tells you that they need space, GIVE IT TO THEM.. if you truly love someone you will want to give them their space so that they can be happy and know that they have the freedom and trust with you. Be compassionate to their needs, if they need your attention for a small amount of time, ask what they need and what they would like you to do; then follow their directions. For girls, most want to be loved and to know that their boyfriend is their for them and will fight for them if they decided to leave. Men need to know that if they want to go and hang out with their friends, the girls will let them and not be blowing up their phone every hour on the hour. Girls, men also need sex... and lots of it. If your not the sexual type, find out what makes turns you on and have your man do it. Don't be afraid to ask, because if it turns you on, he'll want to do it over and over and over again.

5. Have faith and don't worry so much - Title says it all... nuff said.

15 September 2009

Brilliant fucking idea....

I'm going to get a zip car.. something big and pile a bunch of models and furniture and crazy clothing into the back of it.. then drive them over to GG park to set up a living room on the lawn... we're going to have a rug, lazy boy, vacuum, mannequin and coffee table.. models are just going to be live-in movie people..


Who's down?

Maybe I will keep my shoot scheduled for Sunday... and do this sooner rather than later

08 September 2009

Hawaiian Inspiration

I just had a Hawaiian photographer contact me about wanting to shoot my clothing and how much I charged to do so.

It really got me thinking about how much my clothing is worth. It hard to put a price on what people should pay you to borrow your designs. I prefer to stick with a low price to get my name out there and then to raise it as I get a bigger name, is that wrong?

I told him $25 a day... He seemed very interested.. must work out the details.. maybe I was too cheap. In this economy I just never know.

13 August 2009

New Beginnings

I am currently searching for a new job.

While doing so I stumbled across this:


I hate high fashion models that are like 15 years old.. it really bothers me.

05 August 2009

Vote for me!!!

Contest ends tomorrow and I need your help!!

Funny Morning...

Two articles I found highly amusing this morning:

House Panel Approves Pell Grant Increase

Jobless NYC Woman Sues College for $70K in Tuition

What do you think?

04 August 2009

Newly Inspired

Things I love that inspire me:

Trying to get $$ for school

Brickfish.com has offered many campaigns for me to enter with the chance to win money for school.. HOWEVER.. they all require people to vote everyday.

The one with the closest deadline is Recession in Ruins

But here is my main page so that you can vote for EVERYTHING!!! YAYA

I don't understand..

How in this day and age, with the economy in such a down fall, can business's afford to have BAD customer service? Don't they need all of the business that they can get?

I am tired of people with bad attitudes, who hate their job, serving me. They get my order wrong, they wont fix it and they are just plain rude. Don't they know there are thousands of unemployed people in the bay area alone who can do their job just just as well, but give service with a smile? Humility can go a long way.

Even in my own office these things are happening. We are only in business if we get new clients and win cases. Just now I had a potential new client on the phone who called in YESTERDAY, (no one returned his call) calling back and my boss simply said, "Give it to someone else".... well there is no one else here in this office because people dont like showing up for work. After I waited for him to come back he then said, "I don't feel like talking to him" and he walked off. Where is he now? Eating lunch with 2 other people from my office.

I realize that times are tough and I am experiencing them just as much as any one else... but seriously people... what's with the attitude? If we can all be positive than we can start coming up with positive solutions that will help drive us out of this recession. Negativity only sinks us further into it.

So throw on your happy faces people and get prepared to face the world with a smile!!!!

13 May 2009

A new way of doing things.

Sometime last week a good friend of mine told me that I should write a book. When I told him that seemed silly, who would read my book and he told me, "We will, your friends will. You've had a crazy life and we all have be a part of it at some point. We want to read our part and we want to read the parts of others. We want to know more about this crazy cool girl that we know." Now granted that is NOT what he said word for word... that's what I got out of it.

With this I really started thinking about what I would write about. What about my life would people want to read? What stories would I tell? Would I create chapters? How would I start my "life's story" when I am not even half way into it? This left me with even more unanswered questions.

So my solution was to ask the people in my life, "If I were to write a book, what part would you want to hear about?" Then I decided to blog about it, keep a log. This way people get to be a part of the book in more ways than one. This way I can also put in the conversations that get started as a result to sharing my life.

Needless to say I will answer one or two questions a night until you stop asking me to tell you stories.

So let's get started. Question number one coming in from Sean (San Francisco):

Sean: I'd like you to write about what has been important to you and what your dreams are, then I would want read the whole book.

Me: What specifically?

Sean: Goals should be specific.

I would love to know what your dreams are... and if you have the pages, tell me why they are important to you.

If you really want to explain things, tell me what happened in your past that makes you the awesome girl I know.

Answer: It would be impossible to tell you all of my goals and dreams because I make more every single day. I do not live my life without making bigger and better goals for my self each day. For example, you inspiring me to write a book, which has let to this idea of blogging which has led me to having people ask me questions about my life on a daily basis. See it’s just a creation on top of a creation.

My current goals/dreams for this year are as follows:

- By June 1st having moved out of Pacifica
- By September 1st having saved up enough money to pay for a deposit and living on my own in SF.
- By July 23rd having sold my car
- Before the end of this year leaving the country for the first time
- Celebrate my 22 birthday in style and passion
- Make each day better then the last
- Love myself for the great things I do
- Don’t sweat the small stuff
- Learn how to deal with people better.
- Finish writing this book…. Figure out what to do with it.

That’s just the ones off the top of my head for this year….

Ok it’s 10:48 and I need sleep.. Will finish this thought tomorrow.