01 December 2009

Freedom Ball - NoH8 - Adult Prom

Yesterday I bought 10 t-shirts to start making my adult prom dresses for the fashion show going on at Freedom Ball on Dec. 12th at Trigger.

This is my very first fashion show showcasing my designs. I'm nervous and hoping that everything goes well.

I've enlisted the help of a fellow designer, Charlie, of Invisible Hero Industries. She will be making 5 of the 10 dresses and showing her clothing with mine.

I have also asked the help of my new friend David to do hair for this show. It should be amazing.

I will post links to their sites later tonight. I'm on my phone right now and can't copy and paste links while on bart.....waaaayyyy too difficult. I will post the flyer later as well.

Please let me know if you would like to attend.

ALSO: for those of you who have extra tshirts laying around and you are too lazy to drive them down to Goodwill....guess what? It's your lucky day. I want them!! I want to use them for this project. so call me up and we'll arrang drop off times. thanks!

Ashtoh Miyako

only in san francisco

do you find someone smoking, talking on their cell phone while riding a bike. we are the ultimate example of crazy multi tasking...

then again i can't complain. i am blogging on my phone, eating snackpak pudding with a spoon i stole from work while walking to my boy friends house which is a mile away...oh jeez