25 December 2008

Tis' the season..

For most people the Christmas season is all about stress.

Stress about buying gifts
Stress about having money to buy those gifts
Stress about where to eat
Stress about who to eat with
Stress about what eat
Stress about who is giving you a gift
Stress about who you are giving gifts to..

and of course much much more. As stress about Christmas is different for everyone.

I am glad to say that the stress I have been through this year was my choice. I did not have to stress about getting gifts for people because I just made people food. I did not have to stress about money because I had my bonus check and that was my saving grace. I eat with the same people every year and for the most part we eat the same things every year. I give the gift of food to anyone who I see either before, during or after the holiday season.

I was a little bummed to not have that "significant" other to have around for the holidays, BUT on the lighter note I am getting to see past lovers, friends, family and this year i have met quite a few new people. This holiday season has been the best ever and I don't remember the last time I felt this happy about life.

I have so many people who I am going to get to see before the end of this year and that fills me with joy.

At any rate, I am happier this year and then I have been in a long while. but I guess this about wraps it up for the moment..

To you and yours, happy holidays