13 September 2010

Karma Points

So glad that Larry Tinus told me a bicyclist was hit at the intersection near my house tonight. I ran down to discover the woman who had hit the bike yelling at the rider "Why were you in that intersection? It was my right of way, I should not have hit you". 
So I called 911 as I gave them location details the kid's face was brusing, he said he was losing feeling in his fingers and his neck was starting to throb. 
I can honestly say THANK YOU to the San Francisco Fire Department and Police Department for arriving so quickly. The ambulance was there in less than 10 minutes after the accident, police were there right after, asking questions and getting answers.  They were quick and efficient, just as they should be.
When another police car arrived the lady who hit the bike asked Larry and I if we saw what happened. I told her I lived right up the street and Larry told her he had heard the accident and looked down, she seemed to get very nervous at that answer and then walked away... I think I smell a liar.

At any rate, THANK YOU again to the San Francisco Fire/Police Department for their amazing ability to show up so quickly and to have this City College Student in the back of the ambulance, bike and all in 10 minutes flat. YOu guys totally rock, this city would be even more of a shit show without you.

And to Larry, thank you for helping me to boost my Karma by at least 10 points. I think that my CPR card might have expired, though I don't know where it is. Guess I know what class I am talking next semester. 

Thanks everyone for reading this, don't forget to pay it forward. If you see someone who needs help, just do it, sometimes the smallest amount of energy can mean the most to someone in need.