04 August 2009

I don't understand..

How in this day and age, with the economy in such a down fall, can business's afford to have BAD customer service? Don't they need all of the business that they can get?

I am tired of people with bad attitudes, who hate their job, serving me. They get my order wrong, they wont fix it and they are just plain rude. Don't they know there are thousands of unemployed people in the bay area alone who can do their job just just as well, but give service with a smile? Humility can go a long way.

Even in my own office these things are happening. We are only in business if we get new clients and win cases. Just now I had a potential new client on the phone who called in YESTERDAY, (no one returned his call) calling back and my boss simply said, "Give it to someone else".... well there is no one else here in this office because people dont like showing up for work. After I waited for him to come back he then said, "I don't feel like talking to him" and he walked off. Where is he now? Eating lunch with 2 other people from my office.

I realize that times are tough and I am experiencing them just as much as any one else... but seriously people... what's with the attitude? If we can all be positive than we can start coming up with positive solutions that will help drive us out of this recession. Negativity only sinks us further into it.

So throw on your happy faces people and get prepared to face the world with a smile!!!!

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