26 May 2010

Polaroids and Best Friends.

It amazes me how simple my lifes pleasures are. All I need are my good friends, good food and even better shoes. (We're both wearing suede boots in this picture.)

Thank you to Kara, my darling companion in crime for being truly amazing, inspirational and just a woman after my own heart. You are so talented and beautiful. I would not trade you for the world.

Got to love polaroid... oh yes, I'm bringing it back.

Go forth and begin your lifes adventure.

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  1. Is Polaroid still in existence?
    35mm film is almost dead. I never thought I would give it up, but I virtually have.

    A few rolls of film in the fridge still.

    I find I can do so much more photography with digital and not even think about how much it's costing me. I've spent a fortune over the years on films, slides.


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