10 May 2010


I know that a ton of people read my blog, (or at least that's what they tell me) however I never see the results or comments or anything.

What makes people not public follow a blog?

I never thought that numbers would mean that much to me, but knowing that I have a "fan" base really makes me happy and makes me feel like I am doing something for the world.

As far as blogging goes I love to write and will talk about almost any subject, but I lose inspiration if I feel that no one cares. I want to make a difference in this world. I want to know that the life experiences that I have had will help someone in the future and I truly want to believe that I am leaving a positive mark on this planet. One of my biggest fears is to be forgotten.

So if you are reading this, and you are not following, please do so. It makes me happy.

Thank you.

Ashton Miyako

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