26 May 2010


With the help of my friends we have created an organization called createSF. The organization is going to help put San Francisco on the map for fashion. After all a lot of sucessful designer I know started here. I personally am very tired of having all of out amazing artists leave San Francisco, no because they want to, but San Francisco has this way of making people feel like they will never succeed. It is the perfect breeding grounds of creativity and finding one's self. However, after you find yourself you are forced to leave if you ever want to make money or "make it big" in any industry.

I find that to be a horrible sterotype of San Francisco; but the stereotype is totally true.

So what does it take to put San Francisco on the map for fashion?

Well my team has come up with many different ways to accomplish this but with the most important being commincation and organization. I have met many many "drama queens" in this industry, which naturally breeds more drama queens and kings. The fighting has to stop, how to we do that? We communicate with everyone on the same level, we treat everyone equally and we provide a medium for people to post their designs, events and seek out help on various projects. Want to produce a fashion show featuring only your line? Well, we;re not completely up and running yet but we do know a lot of people and can probably make your dreams come true.

With the help of Yon we are working on making an online community marketplace (kind of like etsy, only local) and truly finding ways to make fashion shows more successful.

This this sounds awesome? I thought to too. The site www.createsf.com is almost up and you can definitly check out our fan page on facebook for more information.

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