13 May 2010

Everyone is talking about Acai... So does it work?

I read an article from News7Report today. I am still not 100% sure that this is a legitimet new reporting site, BUT they did have a great article, Acai Berry Diet Exposed: Miracle Diet or Scam?

Now I was convinced that after reading the title they were going to tell me about crazy health stories and birth defects, but they didn't... they actually said ti WORKED?? Really?? Like taking two little pills are going to do ANYTHING for me. But, after reading the article I am willing to try it out.

So in approx. 3-5 days these will be showing up on my doorstep:

Now looking at it, I was the idiot who DID NOT use the flippin shipping codes. So I paid $4.95 each.

Once I get them I will give you the directions and a day by day journey into how it makes me feel and what it actually does to my body. SOOOO.. yea.. wish me luck.



  1. The health effects of the Acai berry have been promoted in the general media in the last couple of years.

    Along with the cranberries, blueberries there certainly are very good for you.

    It's a case of eating a wide variety of foods and keeping off the rubbish.

    I notice the title of one of the items you listed is "Advance Cleanse Trial".

    This idea of cleansing your body, of going on a detox programme/diet is a complete load of rubbish.

    What they never, ever tell you is what toxins are being removed from the body, the body is being cleansed, yes, but of what?
    "Toxins, poisions, chemicals" is the answer you will receive, but they never tell you specifically what those toxins or chemicals are.

    The fact is, our bodies have ways to dispose of toxins..and I don't need to describe what they are! We all know :L)

    by the way, love the lace-ups :)

  2. They canceled my order.. so it wont actually be happening..

  3. I think the answer is:





    Olive Oil

    Red Wine

    And Porridge oats for breakfast.

    In the south of France the life expectancy is considerably higher than many other parts of the world, and that's put down to eating red wine with meals and they tend to use a fair amount of garlic too.

    The garlic, porridge oats, red wine, fish are all good for the heart, with the garlic and porridge undoing the damage, unblocking the arteries/veins.

    The berries provide the antioxidants to help prevent cancers.

    The seeds and nuts are again good for the heart and specifically can keep the cholesterol low.

    None of these -in my view - are too unpleasant to eat. I wasn't keen on porridge oats until very recently when a colleague introduced me to a flavoured type - flavoured with blue berries! Even better then!


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