26 May 2010


This is an old post from another blog that I had, one that I am trying to shut down. I am reposting it over here because I do love the concept of this movie and it was really fun to be on set for a day doing makeup!!

While searching Craigslist yesterday or maybe the day before I came across an ad, "Seeking Makeup Artist for Feature Film.. " or something close to that. It was very intrigued, so I emailed the person.

Less than 5 minutes later I was being booked for this movie, Nice.

This morning I showed up on set ready to do makeup and much to my surprise everyone was truly nice and accepting. I didn't know much about the movie, so I did some research.. Here's what I found:


Now the movie linked on that is NOT the movie that they are filming today.. clearly because they are filming it today. However, the description of the movie is very interesting. It makes me want to watch it, I'm bummed that I am not going makeup for the entire shooting of this production  :(

Adam, a young hustler, wanders into an old, labyrinthine apartment building and cannot find his way out. A chameleon who can change his persona to match anyone he meets, Adam encounters several sexually-charged men who lead him on a journey of the soul. Only when he has untied all of the knots can Adam leave the building and begin to enter the world of adulthood – should he still want to. Dreamlike, erotic, and at times darkly comic, this night-in-the-life of a young man’s coming of age is an original and provocative take on intimacy, desire, and what it means to be a gay man in the 21st Century.

What makes this project different:
Not your tired old Hustler Movie. About how desire shapes identity, how intimacy cannot be avoided, and the heart taking root in itself. Great script for actors, dialogue cracks. Powerful cast, high production values. A fresh approach to love scenes -- powerful, honest, erotic, true. This is a queer indie like no other. TLA Releasing has first-look rights for acquisition & distribution.

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