21 May 2010

Memories in the Kitchen

The art of cooking is something that I would like to spend more time on. My mother taught me how to cook when I was a little girl and I have carried those lessons with me ever since.

I mean I was making mac and cheese by the age of 8!

I do not have a KitchenAid, but I have always wanted one. For Christmas I make everyone homemade gifts. Most of them involve cooking. I do everything by hand because I don't really have the kitchen supplies... or I borrow it form someone else.  This past year I made Bourbon Pecan Tartlets. They are like mini pecan pies only better. Instead of regular pie crust I make sugar cookie dough and us that instead. They end up being bite sized and pack a sweet punch after adding the wild turkey to the mix. It was a huge hit during the holidays and I am still getting asked for more.  Hopefully I will win this KitchenAid and finally be able to remake those little things. hehe..

I dream of having a KitchenAid to help me with everything. I think that it will help me eat in more instead of eating out all of the time. It's hard to do everything from scratch.

To find out what it takes to get a KitchenAid for yourself, check out MomStarts!

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