22 April 2010

Well... my "Real" age is 30.5... FML (I'm only 22)

This just put a damper on my Thursday:

Your RealAge is 30.5!

Below is what contributes to your older age:
Having a family history of breast cancer
Having very high blood pressure
Not knowing your cholesterol levels
Family history of ovarian cancer
Driving a small vehicle
Not flossing enough
Not enough friend and family time
Not getting enough potassium
Not getting enough calcium
Needing to review your eating habits
Not getting enough omega-3s
Not eating your veggies
Not getting enough folic acid
Not eating enough whole grains
Having a low BMI
Neglecting your muscles
Not doing enough strength training
Having a high resting heart rate

Am I doing anything right?


  1. How much folic acid should a person have?

    Pregnant women ( you're not pregnant are you?..perhaps you didn't notice!...) tend to need more, or rather it's to help protect the baby as a shortage can lead to birth anomolies.

    Studies have shown that higher amounts of 800ug (thing it was 800ug, could be wrong) per day can help improve brain function.. but then recently I've read about other side effects that can occur by taking higher levels of folic acid.

    So just what is the ideal amount to take? !

    This is a general remark about all the vitamins.

    People can analyse what they eat to excess and even become neurotic over it.

    We know what's good healthy food and we know what's bad.

    I'm eating much more in the way of seeds, nuts, blueberries, cranberries and prebiotic drinks loaded with 'good' bacteria.

    And the obession people have with cholesterol, the obsession itself is unhealthy.

    Few people know what their cholesterol level is, worth getting it checked but no need to monitor it once a month.

    If it's high, then it's either: genetic (inherited) or it's because you're eating crap food.

    The fact is, that the body manufactures its own cholesterol and there's not much you can do about that.

    You can can buy drinks based on plant extracts which will help lower the level, but those drinks need to be taken every single day for the rest of your life, incoporated in to your diet and weekly shopping...they only lower the cholesterol for a short period of time, the time they're in the body.

    Good diet and lots of exercise is the way to long life.
    Getting stressed over things shortens it.

  2. Green tea is good for you.
    Full of antioxidants, helps prevent diseases particularly cancer.

    Cancer affects 30% of people. That's high. I think some people do have a natural inherited immunity to many sorts of diseases including cancer, but how do we now we are protected against it?

    Worth taking the blueberries, acai berries and green tea.

    But it's even been claimed very recently that too high a level of antioxidants in the body can be harmful. But this was only one small amount of research conducted, it hasn't received anywhere near as much publicity as the health benefits of eating those berries.

    So I don't place a lot of weight on it. But

  3. Oh..and we won't forget you..:)


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