19 April 2010

No sleep, a little sick.. but still just as happy

As most of you know I have started a new job at TwitterMoms. That's right, no more," Cartwright law Firm, this is Ashton speaking".. though I know some of you got a kick out of me answering my cell phone like that time and time again.

Back to TwitterMoms.  What is it? Well I like to think  of it as Twitter meets Facebook and then they fall in love with MADD and Oprah and Dr. Phil.. then they have some crazy baby that is named TwitterMoms.

Still doesn't make sense?

Well I work with a bunch or really talented moms. These fierce women are out changing the world one blog post or one 140 character twitter post at a time. They are your the chef's, CEO's, writers and mos of all..... they are MOMS!! They inspire each other and fight constently for what is right. they share tips on motherhood, recipes, traveling and how to deal with celeb's who think they can beat their partners and get away with it (*ahem, Chris Brown).

Don't believe me? Check this out!

At any rate.. I love what I do and I love the moms that I get to interact with each day. They are so smart and so talented.. i hope to be just like them when I grow up.. hehe. At the very least I will know exactly how to raise my children when I get to that point in my life.

A little sick... that's me. I keep having coughing fits. I'm not sure where they come from or what they are caused by. I really do need to stop sleeping over at my knight in shining armors house, I know he's not sleeping when I wake up at 4a with a fever, coughing a lung or two out. Hmph.. any suggestions on at home remedies to get through the night. NyQuil can't helped much :(


Arms are sore. I had a photoshoot yesterday with "retrotie" and I am so sore from acting as a "maypole"

Granted with all of my soreness and mosquito bites I really had a great time with all of the lovely models, photographers, painters, riggers and of course the help of my knight who kept me from stangling myself while climbing out of a tree bush. Thanks baby.

Hm.. another day.. another dollar.

I really do need to start making more money. Eating and not worrying so much about cash would be really nice.

Looking to move again soon as well.

xoxo my dears

please keep me up to date with at home remedies, news, and of course places to live in the sf bay area.


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