23 March 2010

What happens when you follow your dreams?

Saturday I had a great day with my boyfriend and his grandmother. We went to the farmers market and picked up some very addicting maple coated almonds. Note to self: if ever I see a bag of those again, ask how to make them because they are waaaayyyy to good to share the bag with someone else; and i don't even like maple.

Anyway, after crusing the market we jumped on the Sausilito ferry and headed across the bay for lunch. It was so great to see my boyfriend connecting with his grandmother and to see the strong bond and love that a family has for each other. Day in and day out they will always have each others backs, I only wish that my family could be put together like that.

After lunch we headed back to San Francisco to nap before heading to San Jose to see some good friends of ours play in their band, Separate Reality. During the nap I had a dream that when I woke up a ate a clementine and an oreo, then I said goodbye to my boyfriend's grandmother and headed out the door to make the long drive to San Jose. All the while feeling great that I had ate those two things before I had left the house.

So naturally when I woke up I asked myself, "What happens if I play out my dream?"

The result... wisdom, greatness, inspiration and connection like I have never known.

My two friends are having issues with each other and I got the chance to speak with one of them to help them indentify what they really wanted and what they were trying to say to the other one. I got a chance to use examples from my real life and to show what faith and progress can really do.

It was fantastic.

In the end my boyfriend joined the conversation which truly allowed us to reconnect as a couple, to hear an outsiders perspective on issues that we have already faced and to help our friend find ways to make her life better, safer and happier.

If there is one piece of advice that I could offer for today it would be to follow your dreams. You never know where they might lead you.

Who knows if it was the oreo, clementine or the hug from my boyfriend's grandmother that truly made my day that much better. But thanks to everyone involved.

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