15 March 2010

Brand New Dress, Brand New Thoughts

I started making this dress this weekend. I am SUPER proud of it. However I'm finding it difficult to sew in my home.
I know that there are people around me who are better at sewing than I am, who have gone through mass amounts of schooling and training to be the seamtress's and designers that they are today. I know that my methods, although unconventional, still get the job done.
It pains me to have creative people look at my work because I know that they are just analyzing it to the fullest extent. What happened to appreciating someone's work just because they are your friend?.... no matter how they made something.. the fact of the matter is, they still tried.

Can't we just appreciate art because it's beautiful, not not analyze every brush stroke, hemline, screen print and color scheme we see.

Maybe it wasn't successful the first or second time, but we all learn our lessons in different ways.

I can not wait until I live on my own, have my own studio, pet and space to make whatever I want, however I want, WHEN ever I want.

I know that is a long shot, but a girl can dream can't she?

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