30 March 2010

Late Nite Artist

What is it about artists that make us such weird people to be around? And more so then that... why does all of our creativity come out during the night time?

Perhaps you are one of the few artists whose creativity floods their senses in the middle of the day and you are able to just pounce on any idea that floats in front of you.

I, however, am not so lucky. I find myself on nights like tonight. It's 11:54 now 11:55pm and I am so wishing I had hair clips to glue on cute feathers, buttons and other items.  I want to make fun little hair accessories....RIGHT NOW.

Alas, there arw no stores open for me to purchase these items, nor do I have a car to even get there.

I find it funny that most art stores in San Francisco are open daily from 9a - 5p... when most artists I know work the same hours to support their hobby in the first place. Saturdays are filled with art exhibits, fashion shows, vendor boots giving us a chance to show off our hardwork and to connect with other like-minded people.

Then Sunday rolls around and everything is closed all day..

How am I suppose to get any work done?

I slave all week working the daily grind, come home exhausted and in no mood to create, then the weekend rolls around and I am up and adam trying to get things done... still no creating though.. then there is Sunday, when everything is closed

Oh man, what torture it is to be creative.

No wonder why we collect random things, convinced we will someday use them again. It's totally these moments that the lace you found, the buttoms you kept, the elastic that you refused to throw away and the extra thread that you just HAD to buy that keeps us from going insane at night.

I never knew my sewing machine or laptop might be my stay at home babysitter, keeping me from trying to cut up my favorite dress and refashion it into something else.

Tonight, my art is writing. At 12:07, after writing this, re-reading it twice and making corrections and finally coming to a close.. all I can do is thank Apple, Google, Youtube and Facebook for keeping me from ripping a part my room in search of items that I could use.

P.S. I finally got internet after not having it for two weeks.

Expect more posts from me in the near future.

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